Digital Marketing Paid Method / Advertising Service

  1. Social Media Advertising (Use paid social ad experts to promote your business)

a. Ads Setup & Management (Create, launch and maintain your ad campaigns with social media advertising services)

b. Strategy & Planning (Create the best ad strategy with these social media advertising services)

c. Analytics & Tracking (Ensure you’re getting the most of your social ads with analytics and tracking services)

Social Medias are a. Facebook ,

b. Instagram

c. Youtube

d. Whatapp

2. SEMSearch Engine Marketing (Give your campaigns the upgrade they need with SEM and PPC services)

a. Search Engine Marketing Management (Attract new leads and grow sales through the power of SEM campaigns)

b. Product Ad Campaigns (Get your products seen and grow sales through successful ad campaigns)

c. Setup & Strategy Consultation (Setup your account and build your search marketing strategy)

d. Ad Review & Optimization (Optimize your search and display ads with better targeting, messaging and budgeting)

Search Engines are Google and Bing

3. Display Advertising (Create, launch and maintain your display ad campaigns with advertising services)

a. Campaign Setup & Management (Run campaigns and drive more results with display advertising services)

b. Ad Review & Optimization (Optimize your display ads with better targeting, messaging and budgeting)

c. Retargeting (Expand your reach by retargeting your ads to relevant customers)

Google, Youtube, Apps , News-portal and Other